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For my third video that I watched from the k-12 Online Conference was the video entitled “Video Conferencing It’s Easy, Free and Powerful” by Brian Crosby.  In this video, Brian Crobsy talks about the different uses of video conferencing in classrooms.  The uses that he has used it in his classroom were: to include a sick classmate who could not be in class; sharing an expert or guest speaker with another classroom; practicing oral language skills through the making of videos; and collaboration with other classrooms.  Brian shows very clearly different way to use a free aspect of the internet to highly benefit all the students in the classroom.  Video conferencing makes it possible to connect with classrooms from all around the world, or even a classroom that is right next door. 

This content of this video was slightly familiar to me already due to the fact that we use a form of video conferencing in our ECMP 355 class.  However, the fact that Brian Crosby used video conferencing to include a student who could not attend class due to her medical treatments was very creative I think.  It gave the girl a feeling of being included in the class dispite her illness. I think that this is one thing in which teacher can learn from, and take into their own classroom if it is possible.  This video has many great points to it, and helped me to expand on whta I already know about video conferencing.


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